With the global rising socio-economic wealth and the ease of international travel facilitated by airlines, sea-worthy vessels and, in the near future, suborbital space flights, healthcare problems and risks once isolated to specific areas of the World now can be found frequently in any part of the World. These healthcare problems and risks often are due to infectious diseases that travelers contract while visiting a new country or traveling on a cruise ship. The traveler may become symptomatic and ill immediately or after returning home. The infectious diseases may be bacterial, fungal, protozoal, parasitic, viral, tuberculous, or spirochetal in etiology. Examples are: Cholera (bacterial), Histoplasmosis (fungal), Amebic (Protozoal), Schistosomiasis (parasitic), ZIKA or HIV (viral), Tuberculosis (tuberculous), and Syphilis (Spirochetal). Anyone returning from travel with a fever should seek medical attention. WORLD TRAVEL MEDICINE ® services also include general safety precautions while traveling, advice about special trips (diving, spelunking, high altitude adventures) and crime "hot spots" in the travelers' destinations.

WORLD TRAVEL MEDICINE ® is medical services offered to worldwide travelers, as patients, regardless of citizenship or country of origin. WORLD TRAVEL MEDICINE ® services, performed by U.S. and state licensed, board-certified, healthcare providers, include a complete evaluation and assessment of the patient's current (pre-travel) health status and medical conditions, if any, in conjunction with the purpose of the travel, type of accomodations, primary trip activities, itinerary destinations, length of stay at itinerary destinations, and current medications. Destination specific current World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and U.S. State Department travel advisories and recommendations are available to WORLD TRAVEL MEDICINE ® patients prior to their anticipated travel.

"Plan your travel, travel your plan"

WORLD TRAVEL MEDICINE ® intends to ensure that travelers have accurate knowledge and comprehension of their possible travel healthcare problems and risks as a key component of its services. Afterwards, WORLD TRAVEL MEDICINE ® can include preventive measures for these problems and risks in a personalized WORLD TRAVEL MEDICINE ® care plan.

WORLD TRAVEL MEDICINE ® healthcare providers are regularly available via the internet to patients before, during and after their journeys to discuss healthcare problems if they arise, then offer recommendations or referrals, if needed. For further information or to become a patient, please feel free to contact Byron L. Barksdale, M.D, (Fellow, American College of Preventive Medicine) at his email address:


WORLD TRAVEL MEDICINE ® is affiliated with Pathology Services, P.C.