The French word télécommunication was coined in 1904 by the French engineer and novelist Édouard Estaunié. The word telecommunication was adapted from the French word télécommunication, a compound word formed by the Greek prefix tele-, meaning "far off", and the Latin communicare, meaning "to share". Telepathology, as defined by the American Telemedicine Association, is "a form of communication between medical professionals, in different geographic locations anywhere in the World, that includes the transmission of pathology images and associated clinical information for the purpose of various clinical applications including, but not limited to, primary diagnoses, rapid cytology interpretation, intraoperative and second opinion consultations, ancillary study review, archiving, and quality activities."

At Internet Physician, Inc., TELEPATHOLOGY SERVICES include not only offering clients the ability and means to transmit macroscopic and/or microscopic images to Internet Physician's board certified, U.S. based, trained and licensed pathologists to obtain a remote interpretations (telediagnosis) or second opinions or consultations (teleconsultation) BUT also, the full gamut of pathology related services useful for clinicians, clinics, hospitals and other providers. The additional value-added TELEPATHOLOGY SERVICES of Internet Physician, Inc. include: (1) medical directorships of clinical laboratories in compliance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) of 1988, (2) monthly teleconsultation visits to clinics and hospitals regarding laboratory instrumentation selection and proficiency testing, (3) local clinical lab test mix selection and utilization, (4) reference lab selection and monitoring, (5) review of blood bank and transfusion policies, procedures and services, (6) surgical case review including correlation between pre-operative diagnoses and pathology final report findings, (7) ICD 10 coding of surgical pathology and cytology reports, (8) infection control committee membership and tele-participation, including antibiotic stewardship, in infection control meetings (9) tele-attendance at monthly medical staff meetings, (10) continuing medical education talks, (11) population health initiatives such as skin cancer awareness and prevention, and (12) Direct Access Testing.

For more information about TELEPATHOLOGY SERVICES , Internet Physician, Inc. and our pathologists, please contact Byron L. Barksdale, M.D.


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