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DAT4UandMe ™ is direct access to medical tests authorized, ordered and received by the individual, as a motivated consumer actively engaged in her or her personal health and wellness, not as a patient. DAT4UandMe ™ is a microcosm of healthcare services transformation worldwide. DAT4UandMe ™ is a simple, poignant example of where the healthcare industry can improve the consumer experience. DAT4UandMe ™ reduces the time it takes to get personal medical information into the hands of consumers. The business case is simple: Consumers want timely direct access, without a healthcare intermediary, to medical testing and their test results. DAT4UandMe ™ is this service in the federally CLIA licensed laboratories we direct and own.

DAT4UandMe ™ services do not require a physician's order, are usually not covered as a benefit or reimbursed by health care insurers, and are often less expensive than physician ordered tests because the consumer is expected to pay cash for all tests ordered. Access, convenience, affordable cash discount prices, and obtaining high quality test results quickly are some of the many benefits for consumers of DAT4UandMe ™ services who want a direct, participating role in their personal ongoing healthcare assessment, monitoring, then integration of all medical test findings into management for better personal health, wellness and longevity.

Our affiliate company, HUMANPRINT ®, and its licensed healthcare professionals, gladly work with motivated consumers, for a reasonable fee, to help them order, retrieve, interpret and understand their medical test results, then use all their health status information proactively to plan and follow a healthier path to lessen the likelihood or severity of illness or disability in the future that can be anticipated, as likely to occur, if timely interventional measures are not pursued. We believe combining consumer ordered test results with healthcare provider interpretation and guidance is the best pathway towards personalized medicine and scientific wellness.

For more information about DAT4UandMe ™ in your community and sending your test results to our licensed healthcare professionals, please feel free to contact Byron L. Barksdale, M.D. (Fellow, American College of Preventive Medicine and College of American Pathologists) at 308-532-4700 or by email: Byron L. Barksdale, M.D.

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